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Flash bitcoins non-stop and at high speed

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Some Bitcoin Plus Performances.

  •  Send 200 BTC Per Day.
  • Stability of Each Bitcoin Sent UP To 45 Days.
  • Ability to Transfer Bitcoin Sent UP to 12 Times.
  • Ability to Send to 32 Different Addresses Simultaneously.
  • Import/Export Config Program File.
  • View and Select Available 34 Server Power Sender.
  • Proxy Setting.
  • Ability to Set Scheduled Submissions
  • Support All Wallet Addresses (BECH32/P2SH/P2PKH)
  • Can Be Sent & Stored in All Wallets.
  • Select Type Flash BTC Transaction.
  • Applicable in Windows 7/8/10.    

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fake btc service
fake btc service

Be careful when buying

Note that many people claim to have this program. Still, unfortunately, it is observed that after sending the amount by the customer, they are no longer responsible or provide a file that is another program and is different and does n‚Äčot work. For this reason, I remind you that the leading creator of this program is our site, and it was created and produced by our programming team. We have no responsibility or support for users who purchased Bitcoin Plus software from unreliable stores. Please do not request.

Only sites that are valid for purchasing Bitcoin Flashing software

  • x1BTC.Com
  • Flash4Bitcoin.Com
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The stability of each bitcoin sent with this software is 45 days. This means that after you send Bitcoin Flash (fake Bitcoin) to a wallet or exchange office, with Bitcoin Plus software, at least 45 days later, that bitcoin will be everywhere and will be converted into any other currency.

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